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Custom IC Design Project for HDD Power ManagementCustom IC Design Project for High Temperature Automotive ElectronicsVerilog-A Modeling Project for Switching Regulator Power Management ElectronicsStatistical IC Design for Reference System Design
IC Circuit Design Projects
  • Low Noise Voltage/Current Reference Systems
  • Power Optimized Embedded Linear Functions
  • LNA,AGC,Programmable Linear Filters for Analog Signal Processing
  • High Performance LDO's
  • Integrated Power Switching Regulators
  • Very low power Crystal Oscillators
  • Video Signal Processing
  • Three Phase Brushless Motor Controllers
  • Voice Coil Motor Drivers
  • Automotive Brake, Engine, and Stability(Gyro) Sensors
  • Radiation Hardened Servo Power Amplifiers
  • Data Conversion
Software Projects
Manufacturing Support Projects

Project Examples
Project Examples
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